Jagoda is a young Fashion Designer based in Poland who is not afraid of experimentation and creating her own ways. Overdrawn forms, unexpected graphics and alternative fabrics are the main features of her projects. Jagoda is trying to change the classic understanding of proportions and cross the border between fashion and art. She is a graduate of MSKPU, Warsaw. Her diploma collection “Different 1” was awarded by Mariusz Przybylski, Maciej Zień, DYKF and LPP S.A. In 2017, she took part in the Feeric Fashion Week in Romania as Young Talent selected by The Secret Code Of Fashion. Her looks are published in Elle, Hiro Magazine, Lounge Magazine, LNE Magazine, Northside Magazine, Schön Magazine and more. Some designs were also used in Top Model Poland reality show.

- finalist of Mad Mood Milano 2017
- semifinalist of the OFF Fashion Kielce 2017
- selected to be NJAL Black Sheep and NJAL’s 2017 Graduate
- winner of the 10 th edition of Art & Fashion Forum by Grażyna Kulczyk
- semifinalist of the OFF Kielce 2016
- semifinalist of the Designer Fashion Awards 2016
- finalist of the 9 th edition of Art & Fashion Forum by Grażyna Kulczyk